Mother and baby outside
Gynecology & Obstetrics

COVID-19 Vaccination in Later Pregnancy Extends Protection to Babies

Timing of maternal vaccination examined for the greatest benefit to babies after birth.
Child getting flu shot

Flu Risk Significant in Children with Solid Organ Transplants

Large multicenter study quantifies the flu season challenge to young transplant recipients.
Diabetes finger prick insulin test
Pediatric Diabetes & Endocrinology

Novel Drug Combo Enters Trial for Type 1 Diabetes

Will rituximab plus abatacept outperform either treatment alone?
Urine labs
Pediatric Urology

Oxygen Pathway a Potential New Target in Bladder Injury

New discoveries about the HIF-PHD axis may aid efforts to prevent or treat inflammatory bladder injury.
Checking spine
Pediatric Orthopaedics

Periosteum Finding Resets Conventional View of Spinal Fusion

Study points to true origin of bone healing and how cell transdifferentiation completes the process.

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Trends in Medicine

Uncovering Links Between Music and Health

Newly-funded research investigates genetic and epidemiological connections and potential new clinical tools.

Emergency Flight Crews Confront Secondary Trauma

Secondary PTSD has been recognized as a risk for members of hospital flight teams.

Diversity in Nursing Profession: Expanding for Growth

Vanderbilt Health nursing leaders address the need for greater diversity amid a shrinking nursing work force.

Health Literacy and Recovery: a Positive Correlation

Research underscores the value of targeted communications.

Disparities Emerge, From Evaluation to Transplant

Research shows varying levels of disparities throughout the kidney transplant process.

Taking PAD Education to Church

Newly funded PRAISE program aims to improve awareness and early diagnosis.

Telehealth Overcomes Distance for Specialty Consultations

Neurology forges a wider path for specialty consulting services using technology.

Cannula Shortage Limits ECMO Use in Neonates

With limited options for respiratory failure, critical care teams change tactics.

Apps Satisfy Need for Bite-Sized Physician Education

Physician-leaders are homing in on best ways to help busy clinicians weave learning into practice.

Hypertension Gene Improves Odds in Congenital Heart Disease

A predisposition for adult hypertension is a single-factor indicator pointing to better surgical outcomes for babies with congenital heart disease.

Virus Researcher James Crowe Turns to RSV Drug Development

A pioneer in the fight against viral disease during the pandemic turns his attention to the spike in respiratory syncytial virus.

Health Coaching Creates Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Study shows effectiveness is sustained beyond coaching period in patients managing chronic disease.

Quality Improvement Metrics to Shed Light on Geriatric Workforce Training

Vanderbilt is providing feedback to assess how well MIPS measures are meeting goals for geriatric patients.

4 ‘M’s Improve Care for Older Adults

Systems-wide updates aid in implementation of the 4Ms, a framework for providing high-quality care for older patients.