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Automated Instrument Tracking Enhances Ophthalmic Surgery

Technology driven by deep-learning model delivers 4D video-rate imaging, improves precision.

Poor Vision in Daily Tasks Linked to Mental Health

Some problems matter more than others when assessing quality-of-life factors.

Advanced Parametric Imaging Holds Promise for Diagnosing Neurological Diseases

Research plus first-generation advocacy earns 'Fellows' stature for imaging science professor.

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IMS Gives 3D Look at Retinal Deposits

Characterizing molecular tissue may provide insight into new treatments for high-risk AMD factors.

Visual Symptoms Now on Checklist for Pediatric Concussion

Early identification and management of visual disorders may mitigate negative effects, according to Vanderbilt co-author.

COVID-19 Linked to Retinal Vein Occlusions in Young Adults´┐╝

Study finds the condition can develop after COVID-19 in patients lacking predisposing conditions, but cases are rare and visual outcomes are good.

Complex Care Streamlined for Neurofibromatosis 2

Multidisciplinary clinic brings specialists together in one setting for improved patient access.

Personalized Therapy for Retinoblastoma Reduces Chemo Risks

New techniques are eradicating tumors and preserving vision for pediatric patients with retinoblastoma.

Glaucoma Test Employs Versatile Virtual Reality

A new method of glaucoma testing could bring greater comfort and convenience to patients, while minimizing clinic bottlenecks.