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At Vanderbilt, the drive to discover, care, learn and share is in our DNA — it defines who we are. Our Discoveries in Action podcast is about the big ideas and breakthroughs happening right here at Vanderbilt Health.


Minimally Invasive Treatment for Esophageal Atresia

In a new procedure, long-gap esophageal atresia is successfully repaired through elongation alone.

Growing Opportunities for Men in Nursing

Medical centers are working to create an inclusive workplace for both genders in the profession.
Pediatric Diabetes & Endocrinology

Rural Youth with T1D Struggle to Connect with Monitoring Technology

Children living outside of urban areas are less likely to report using CGMs, despite benefits.

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Trends in Medicine

Study Examines Puberty in Girls with Autism

Researchers are seeking girls with and without autism to join study; participating families to receive education, resources.

Clinicians Call on Clickbusters to Streamline Alerts

Program optimizes clinical-decision support alerts and helps build a culture of continuous evaluation.

Chatbot Weighs in for Clinical Decision Support

Study suggests an AI-based tool may help can offer a more comprehensive picture in some cases.

Innovation a Hallmark of Hospital at Home

Filtering system automatically flags patient likely to be suitable candidates.

Remote Approach Extends Autism Evaluation

Multimillion-dollar grant will power a statewide rollout to test its practical utility.