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At Vanderbilt, the drive to discover, care, learn and share is in our DNA — it defines who we are. Our Discoveries in Action podcast is about the big ideas and breakthroughs happening right here at Vanderbilt Health.

Older man looking confused in hospital
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Therapy can Reduce Delirium in the ED

Intense PT and OT intervention improves overall functioning in older patients.
Female physician working MRI machine
Neurology & Neurosurgery

Evaluating MS Neurodegeneration in Vivo

Novel 3-T MRI techniques aim to uncover biomarkers for multiple sclerosis.
VUMC Otolaryngology Dept

Music City is also ENT City

More than 5,000 otolaryngologists from around the globe are expected in Nashville Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 for education and networking.
Gout foot

Tackling the Side Effects of Gout Treatment

Adjunctive leflunomide may avoid the downside of methotrexate.
Knee surgery

Knee Movement Threatens Tibial Fixation

Movement during the cementing phase of total knee arthroplasty significantly reduces tibial implant fixation strength.

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Trends in Medicine

Health Literacy and Recovery: a Positive Correlation

Research underscores the value of targeted communications.

Disparities Emerge, From Evaluation to Transplant

Research shows varying levels of disparities throughout the kidney transplant process.

Taking PAD Education to Church

Newly funded PRAISE program aims to improve awareness and early diagnosis.

Telehealth Overcomes Distance for Specialty Consultations

Neurology forges a wider path for specialty consulting services using technology.

Cannula Shortage Limits ECMO Use in Neonates

With limited options for respiratory failure, critical care teams change tactics.

Apps Satisfy Need for Bite-Sized Physician Education

Physician-leaders are homing in on best ways to help busy clinicians weave learning into practice.

Hypertension Gene Improves Odds in Congenital Heart Disease

A predisposition for adult hypertension is a single-factor indicator pointing to better surgical outcomes for babies with congenital heart disease.

Virus Researcher James Crowe Turns to RSV Drug Development

A pioneer in the fight against viral disease during the pandemic turns his attention to the spike in respiratory syncytial virus.

Health Coaching Creates Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Study shows effectiveness is sustained beyond coaching period in patients managing chronic disease.

Quality Improvement Metrics to Shed Light on Geriatric Workforce Training

Vanderbilt is providing feedback to assess how well MIPS measures are meeting goals for geriatric patients.

4 ‘M’s Improve Care for Older Adults

Systems-wide updates aid in implementation of the 4Ms, a framework for providing high-quality care for older patients.