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A young girl walks on an outdoor path by a pond, using two canes and leg braces

Novel Trial Seeks Options for Neurology Patients

Innovative platform for Rett Syndrome research will facilitate future trials for treatments.
African American nurse speaking with a pregnant woman and her partner in hospital ward.

Minding Alerts to Long QT Syndrome Reduces Stillbirth

Early intervention when fetal heart rates go awry can mitigate morbidity and mortality risks.
Mother and doctor smiling at a happy young girl lying down in a hospital bed

Study Suggests Shorter Antibiotic Course for Medically Complex Children

In a group of hospitalized children, readmissions for UTI were fewer among those given short-course IV antibiotics.

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An x-ray of a double fracture in the forearm.

Device Monitors Activities in Kids with Broken Bones

Activity trackers will help researchers monitor children’s adherence to activity restrictions and incidences of displacement.
Surgeons in an operating room performing a laparascopic surgery

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Esophageal Atresia

In a new procedure, long-gap esophageal atresia is successfully repaired through elongation alone.
Pre-teen or young teen girl stands alone in a paved path, with other classmates nearby. Everyone is holding or wearing a backpack.

Study Examines Puberty in Girls with Autism

Researchers are seeking girls with and without autism to join study; participating families to receive education, resources.
Illustration of blood forming a clot in a vein

Three-quarters of Physicians Brush Off Automated Advice

Physicians mostly ignored the evidence-based suggestions for their pediatric patients.
Mother holds young girl on hip, touching her forehead. Both are wearing surgical masks.

T-to-A Metric for Fever Fails Scrutiny

Large study results argue against time-prescribed antibiotics for febrile children with cancer.
Two healthcare workers wearing masks and gloves examine chest X-ray

Strategies to Support Pulmonary Transplant Patients – and their New Lungs

Organ storage temperatures and levels of vaccine dosing are being studied to improve outcomes for transplant patients.