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Minimally Invasive Treatment for Esophageal Atresia

In a new procedure, long-gap esophageal atresia is successfully repaired through elongation alone.

Study Examines Puberty in Girls with Autism

Researchers are seeking girls with and without autism to join study; participating families to receive education, resources.

Three-quarters of Physicians Brush Off Automated Advice

Physicians mostly ignored the evidence-based suggestions for their pediatric patients.

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T-to-A Metric for Fever Fails Scrutiny

Large study results argue against time-prescribed antibiotics for febrile children with cancer.

Strategies to Support Pulmonary Transplant Patients – and their New Lungs

Organ storage temperatures and levels of vaccine dosing are being studied to improve outcomes for transplant patients.
Mom with autistic son

Family Training Eases Transition for Autistic Youth

Parents with the fewest skills at the outset made greatest gains with group training.
Feeding breast milk in bottle to premature infant

Optimal Breast Milk for Preterm Infants

Degradation of osteopontin in donor milk could drive pasteurization procedure changes.
Dr. Stephan consulting with pediatric patient and family

Bioprinted Cartilage for Custom Ear Reconstruction

3D bioprinting of engineered cartilage tissue offers a promising alternative for microtia treatment.
Mom and child on couch with laptop

Parents Helping Parents Navigate Autism

Training imparts knowledge and techniques useful for helping other parents facing similar systemic barriers.