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Baby getting Rotavirus vaccine

Will Rotavirus Vaccines Evolve?

Vaccine development may evolve with breakthrough laboratory techniques.
Toddler being buckled into car seat

Spine Score Predictive of Intra-abdominal Injuries

New study enables clinicians to connect severity of pediatric thoracolumbar spine injury with internal damage using TLICS scores.
Doctor checking baby's heart

Risk High for Stroke in Pediatric CHD Patients

Higher risk for stroke among children and infants with congenital heart disease warrants heightened awareness.

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Teen girl at school

How Low von Willebrand Factor Impacts Adolescent Girls

A deficiency in the clotting protein can cause severe menstrual bleeding, and certain pathogenic variants were found to signal higher risk.
Doctor talking to cancer patient and family

The Role of Ethics in Curing Pediatric Cancer

The potential unintended yet longterm consequences of curing childhood cancer come under the scrutiny of a Vanderbilt oncologist and bioethicist.
Mom and child in bathroom

Incontinence Relief for Kids via Sacral Neuromodulation

A pioneer in pediatric SNM shares best practices and outcomes to date for this ‘life changing’ procedure.
Worried mom on phone

Single Ventricle Babies Face Critical First Year

Home monitoring is key to protecting single ventricle babies following stage 1 palliation.
NICU baby

Hypertension Gene Improves Odds in Congenital Heart Disease

A predisposition for adult hypertension is a single-factor indicator pointing to better surgical outcomes for babies with congenital heart disease.

Why do Some Pediatric Low-grade Gliomas Spread?

The largest study of disseminated low-grade gliomas in children aims to pinpoint drivers of metastasis.