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Child using magnifier

PAVE-ing the Way for Children with Low Vision

An innovative program brings devices and services to children with low vision at no cost to eligible families.
Brain images

Brain Genetics Influence Profile of Addiction Risk

Study with a million-plus subjects finds shared genetic susceptibility to tobacco, alcohol, opioid and cannabis addictions.
Doctor palpating neck of child

Tiny Glands At Risk During Endocrine Surgery

Technology developed at Vanderbilt for adults helps preserve calcium regulators in growing children.

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A doctor putting eye drops in a girl's eye

Atropine Response Varies for Pediatric Myopia

NEI-funded trial finds low-dose eye drops may not be effective at slowing the progression of nearsightedness in some children.
Depressed youth

Suicide-Risk Screening for Autistic Youth Demands Adjustments

Face-to-face conversations caused an often-used screening tool to miss youth at risk.
Peds ultrasound

Intraoperative Ultrasound Proves Merit in Pediatric Setting

A case study of a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia demonstrates the synergy of new surgical techniques and technology in a minimally invasive operation.
Patient undergoing telehealth consult

Telehealth Overcomes Distance for Specialty Consultations

Neurology forges a wider path for specialty consulting services using technology.
Mom and daughter talking

Moms Control ‘Hot Thoughts’ to Help T1D Teens

Training teaches mothers to challenge fears, reducing depression.
Child and doctor

Ketamine Lowers Pressure in Pediatric TBI

New, retrospective analysis could help reverse decades-old thinking.