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Uncovering Role of Microbiome in Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Study to examine the esophageal microbiome as an influence on patients’ response to topical steroids.

Researchers Examine Risks of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Premature Infants

In-depth characterization of necrotizing enterocolitis yields new data on the burden of sepsis and how to predict those at highest risk.

Tool Calculates Rectal Cancer Recurrence Risk

Surgeons introduce a nomogram to more accurately quantify risk of positive circumferential resection margins.

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Simple Sugars Confirmed as GERD Culprit in Study

Examining carbohydrates and GERD finds symptoms improve with a diet lower in simple sugars.

Demographic Changes Trigger Fresh Look at Dietary Guidance

Vanderbilt nutrition expert appointed to national committee tasked with evaluating new information on energy intake and expenditure.

TGF-β Pathway Disruption Tied to Colon Tumor Malignancy

Research elucidates how disruption of the TGF-β pathway results in activation of pro-tumorigenic inflammation in the colon.

Benefits Often Outweigh Risk in Treating Childhood Obesity

Effective new therapies are on the market, but stigmas associated with yesterday’s drugs persist.

Celiac Disease Raises Risk of Food Intake Disorder

Efforts to control or avoid celiac symptoms causes some patients to adopt extreme diets, resulting in vitamin deficiencies and other health concerns.

Study Confirms Benefits of Early Postoperative Walking

Early ambulation significantly decreased hospital length of stay and unplanned readmissions.