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6 Degrees to a Better Dual-Organ Transplant

During a double lung-liver transplant, using 10 C for organ storage provided ample time for the inherent complexity.

Robotic System Aims to Democratize Colonoscopy

Part 2: Road to the marketplace.

Innovation in Colonoscopy: Creating a Robotic Solution

Part 1: From concept to first‐in‐human trials.

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Asynchronous eVisits Address Routine Patient Concerns

New program establishes eVisit protocol using asynchronous messaging that may address the concern or lead to a more in-depth telehealth or in-person appointment.

How Social Factors Contribute to Telehealth Success

Study sheds light on the influence of social determinants of health on effective telehealth sessions.

Transplant Patients at Average Risk for Diverticulitis Recurrence

Large database study shows that diverticulitis recurrence risk is not higher in immunocompromised patients with solid-organ transplants.

Fecal Transplant Outcomes in Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s

Synthesis of 12 studies shows isolated benefits of fecal microbiota transplant, illuminates the disease’s multifactorial treatment requirements.
Surgery team performing heart transplant

Transplant Excellence Result of Skill, Innovation and Teamwork

Vanderbilt surpasses its previous annual record for solid organ transplants, establishing it as the fifth-largest transplant center in the nation.
Doctor and patient in consult

Exceptional Growth for Amyloidosis Care

Vanderbilt soars with emerging therapeutics and is the first dedicated amyloidosis treatment center in Tennessee.