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Getting Real: Teens with T1D Resist Low Carb Diets

Study measuring benefits of low carb diet becomes a reality-check on adolescent behavior.

Clinicians and Pharmacists Join Forces to Fill Gaps in Prescription Oversight

Complex conditions and more specialty drugs lead forward-thinking physicians to forge clinical partnerships with pharmacists.

Simple Sugars Confirmed as GERD Culprit in Study

Examining carbohydrates and GERD finds symptoms improve with a diet lower in simple sugars.

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Demographic Changes Trigger Fresh Look at Dietary Guidance

Vanderbilt nutrition expert appointed to national committee tasked with evaluating new information on energy intake and expenditure.

Benefits Often Outweigh Risk in Treating Childhood Obesity

Effective new therapies are on the market, but stigmas associated with yesterday’s drugs persist.

Safe Corticosteroid Use Examined in TKA Patients

Study shows dexamethasone drives higher blood glucose levels but doesn’t significantly elevate infection risk.

Debate Sparked by Equal-Risk Finding for COVID in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

Follow-up study to settle the issue of comparable risk levels.

Team Seeks Solutions to Chronic Disease Disparities

Research collaborative to address chronic diseases and social factors affecting African Americans and Latinos.

Molecule ‘Irons Out’ Aggressive Thyroid Cancer Cells

Investigators move to advanced models with a small molecule that unleashes cell death via ferroptosis.