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Illustration of pancreatic duct and exocrine cells portrayed as the wilting blossoms of a tree.

Role of Exocrine Pancreas Explored in Diabetes

Researchers are examining both healthy and diabetic tissues to characterize changes based on aging, BMI differences and other factors.
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Pancreatic Patient Navigator Finds Shorter Routes to Treatment

Nurse-navigator efforts streamline testing, treatment and support beginning with the patient’s initial visit.
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Inflammation Factors in Obesity and Kidney Injury

Studies connect receptor pathways to macrophages and inflammation in both obesity and kidney fibrosis.

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Illustration of B cells

Clamping Down the Metabolic Pipeline to B Cells

Study shows leveraging metabolic flexibility of white cells may open new therapeutic avenues for lupus and others.
Black man using laptop but showing signs that his hands are in pain

Neuropathies Examined in Hereditary Amyloid Disease

Research is exploring incidence of peripheral system involvement to facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment.
Older smiling black woman with short hair and a green coat, with a purse strap visible over her shoulder and part of her hand. Black glasses. Blurred background.

New Link Between Menopause and Heart Failure

While early menopause is a known risk factor for heart disease, obesity puts other women at risk.
Provider feeling sides of a young woman's neck

Approach Evolves in Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma

Change in clinical guidelines issued for lower-risk thyroid cancer.
Diabetes finger prick insulin test

Novel Drug Combo Enters Trial for Type 1 Diabetes

Will rituximab plus abatacept outperform either treatment alone?
From left, Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, MBA, Aaron Aday, MD, MSc, and Rachelle Crescenzi, PhD, are part of a multidisciplinary effort at VUMC to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema.

Better Strategies for Diagnosing Lipedema

Vanderbilt researchers are leading the charge to ensure lipedema is no longer conflated with obesity.