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Doctor and patient in cosult

Infusion Pump Trial to Inform Colorectal Treatment

Trial will evaluate the artery infusion pump’s efficacy in delivering liver-directed chemotherapy to patients with colorectal liver metastases
Dialysis machine close up

The iBAK’s Road to the Marketplace

Part 3: Scaled manufacturing and clinical trials lie ahead.
Nutritionist consultation

BMI Alternative Improves Disease Prediction

Researchers put a new model to the test in predicting cardiometabolic disease risk.

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Image of artificial kidney attached to dialysis machine

Challenges Overcome in Creation of Bioartificial Kidney

Part II: With bioengineering innovations, Team Sisyphus makes it over the top.
Woman talking to physician with pancreas model in foreground

Family’s Genetics Tips Researchers to Cause of Shrinking Pancreas

Clarity achieved by studying a unique family with an insulin gene mutation.
Women exercising

Diabetes-targeting Agonists Eyed for Asthma, Obesity Use

Drugs reduce symptoms and cut health care visits for overweight patients who also have asthma.
Older man texting

Patients are Texting About this New Clinical Initiative

Popular with patients, engagement with the REACH program improves key measurements, including HbA1c, in people with type 2 diabetes.
Artificial kidney device

Creating the First Implantable Bioartificial Kidney

Part 1: From Concept to Preclinical Trials
Magnesium illustration

Magnesium Depletion Score Highlights Risk Factors

A new estimating tool may more accurately identify deficiencies associated with serious health risks.