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Neurotoxic Reaction Examined in CAR T-cell Treatment

ICANS and CRS following treatment may pose additional health complications, but survival outcomes don’t correlate.

Innovative Therapy Boosts Survival in Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Researchers find that ASTX727, a new oral combination therapy, can prolong survival in TP53-mutated MDS.

Novel Target for Rhabdomyosarcoma Found

Study provides mechanistic insight into the function of a critical oncogene in an aggressive pediatric tumor.

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Seeking Drivers for Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

Clinical trial to test RNA sequencing for matching appropriate treatments to specific tumors.

Medication for Smoking Reduced Heavy Drinking in HIV Patients

Study in population living with HIV reflects findings in other groups and makes a strong case for cytisine approval in the U.S.

Machine-Learning Model Accurately Diagnoses Myxoid Soft Tissue Tumors

A new study shows that a radiomics-based model performs as well as a radiologist in diagnosing soft tissue tumors.

Soft Tissue Sarcomas Rare and Sometimes Overlooked

Educational review article offers guidance on evaluation and management of soft-tissue masses to optimize patient outcomes.

Neural Density Levels Indicate Cancer Potential for Pancreatic Cysts

Analysis of nerves in pancreatic cysts may offer early insight into their benign versus precancerous fate.

TGF-β Pathway Disruption Tied to Colon Tumor Malignancy

Research elucidates how disruption of the TGF-β pathway results in activation of pro-tumorigenic inflammation in the colon.