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surgeon using robotics

Pediatric Robotic Surgery Jumps Ahead with Cross-Campus Collaboration

Adult and pediatric surgeons worked together to create a comprehensive program at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital.
Illustration of targeted radiation therapy

Precision Radiation Targets Pancreatic Cancer

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) offers expanded options for cancer cell eradication in borderline resectable and locally advanced tumors.
Lymphedema in legs

Graded Negative Pressure Facilitates Lymphatic Flow

A case study demonstrates how graded negative pressure reduces lower limb lymphedema.

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Patient and doctor

Genomic Data Advances Precision Oncology

Moving structured data out of PDFs and into the electronic health record brings increased efficiency.
Happy patient leaving hospital

Ambulatory Colectomy Offers Same-day Discharge

Patients can avoid an overnight hospital stay with a comfortable, safe option.
Doctor and patient talking

Next-Generation Screening for Prostate Cancer

A new biomarker model specifically reveals signs of aggressive prostate cancer.

Why do Some Pediatric Low-grade Gliomas Spread?

The largest study of disseminated low-grade gliomas in children aims to pinpoint drivers of metastasis.

Neurotoxic Reaction Examined in CAR T-cell Treatment

ICANS and CRS following treatment may pose additional health complications, but survival outcomes don’t correlate.

Innovative Therapy Boosts Survival in Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Researchers find that ASTX727, a new oral combination therapy, can prolong survival in TP53-mutated MDS.