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Tailored Messaging Aims to Boost Cancer Trial Recruitment

Culturally targeted education could help address cancer disparities among African Americans and Latinos.

3D Scans Provide Surgical Details in Real Time

Researchers develop a process to map and analyze surgical specimens to aid surgeon-pathologist communication.

Tumor-fighting T Cells Tire Quickly

A few hours is all it takes for T cells to become dysfunctional, challenging existing ideas about exhaustion.

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Pancreatic Patient Navigator Finds Shorter Routes to Treatment

Nurse-navigator efforts streamline testing, treatment and support beginning with the patient’s initial visit.
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Clamping Down the Metabolic Pipeline to B Cells

Study shows leveraging metabolic flexibility of white cells may open new therapeutic avenues for lupus and others.
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Tool Analyzes Risks for Meningioma Surgery

Web application guides decision-making and strategies for mitigating presurgical morbidities affecting outcomes.
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Refined Tool Aids in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The TREAT 2.0 model outperforms conventional models for lung cancer prediction.
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Exceptional Growth for Amyloidosis Care

Vanderbilt soars with emerging therapeutics and is the first dedicated amyloidosis treatment center in Tennessee.

Approach Evolves in Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma

Change in clinical guidelines issued for lower-risk thyroid cancer.