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Pregnant woman looking at cheese deli aisle

Emerging Culprit in GI Disturbance During Pregnancy

Listeria is being traced to a much wider range of foods.
Teen girl at school

How Low von Willebrand Factor Impacts Adolescent Girls

A deficiency in the clotting protein can cause severe menstrual bleeding, and certain pathogenic variants were found to signal higher risk.

Model Customizes Opioid Prescribing After C-Section

A simple prediction model built into the EHR may help individualize treatment of pain following cesarean birth.

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Household Income, Maternal Health Among Factors Tied to Craniofacial Clefts

In a first of its type, a Tennessee study offers a model for better understanding factors present in regions of higher risk.

Can Fish Oil Influence Smoking Habits During Pregnancy?

Researchers pilot fish oil in efforts to lower smoking rates and achieve better outcomes for babies.

Sexual Health Concerns Overlooked After Pelvic Trauma

Post-injury care plans should prioritize sexual dysfunction to give patients needed resources and counseling.

Intrauterine System Effective for Those With and Without Inherited HMB

Research compares outcomes in the two groups using long-acting levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine systems.

Blood Clot Risk Looms in Gynecologic Cancer

Alerting clinicians to chemoprophylaxis guidelines improves adherence.

Exclusive Breastfeeding Lowers Childhood Asthma Risk´┐╝

Links confirmed between breastfeeding and resistance to common childhood respiratory illnesses.