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Pregnant Black woman, seated in a chair, faced by another Black woman who is putting her hands on the pregnant woman's belly. A man sits on the couch looking on.

Doulas Deployed to Help Fill Outcome Gaps in Childbirth

Training model demonstrates how same-race doulas could lessen the disparities in childbirth for Black women.
Feeding breast milk in bottle to premature infant

Optimal Breast Milk for Preterm Infants

Degradation of osteopontin in donor milk could drive pasteurization procedure changes.
Close up illustration of skeletal human pelvis with bladder anatomy showing

Regenerative Medicine for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Phase 3 CELLEBRATE trial is underway testing autologous muscle cell grafts for sphincter repair.

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Older smiling black woman with short hair and a green coat, with a purse strap visible over her shoulder and part of her hand. Black glasses. Blurred background.

New Link Between Menopause and Heart Failure

While early menopause is a known risk factor for heart disease, obesity puts other women at risk.
Pregnant women in group therapy

Pregnant Patients with SUD Face Treatment Barriers

Secret shopper studies show how pregnant women slip through the treatment cracks at a prime time for recovery.
Fluoroscopic images showing bladder trabeculation (left) and vesicoureteral reflux (right) in patients with spina bifida.

Botox or AC for Children with Spina Bifida?

Botox use is on the rise, but study on decision factors reinforce important personal aspects of bladder management decisions.
Naked infant lying on a scale. Scale reads 9 pounds 1.3 ounces.

Placenta Holds Genetic Clues to Birthweight and Adult BMI

Predictive gene expression model finds that some factors involved in lifelong metabolism are evident in utero.
Pregnant woman talking with health care provider

Informed Choice Tested in Prenatal DNA Screening

Patients reported having low or no internal conflict regarding their decision to have cell-free DNA screening after meeting with a genetic counselor.
Photo of a new born baby where the focus is on feet and toes. The umbilical cord is there with surgical scissors attached. The face of the baby is not in the photograph. Body color is pink and feet are slightly purple.

Sixty Seconds to a Healthier Start

State campaign urges adherence to latest standard of care on optimal umbilical cord clamping.