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Advanced Practitioners Flock to Post-grad Training

Vanderbilt broadens its offering of fully accredited, advanced-practice fellowships.
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Clinical Alert Technology Meets the Digital Divide

Study urges care in use of information technology support for clinical decision-making due to patient access disparities.
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Clinicians Call on Clickbusters to Streamline Alerts

Program optimizes clinical-decision support alerts and helps build a culture of continuous evaluation.
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Pancreatic Patient Navigator Finds Shorter Routes to Treatment

Nurse-navigator efforts streamline testing, treatment and support beginning with the patient’s initial visit.
Person taking blood pressure with help of smart phone at home

Innovation a Hallmark of Hospital at Home

Filtering system automatically flags patient likely to be suitable candidates.
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System Aims to Strengthen Nurse Retention

Researchers pilot peer messenger feedback model to reduce unprofessional behavior among nurses nationwide.
Nurse working on paper charts and EMR

Signals of Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Researchers are exploring how to mine EHRs for genetic and other data to develop better risk phenotypes for addiction.
Portrait of Dr. David Haynes at his desk

Focus on Patient Experience: a Metric and a Mission

Chief patient experience officer David Haynes cites customer service as an integral part of the hospital business model.
Nurses hugging while wearing protective gear

Who’s Caring for the Nurses?

VUMC’s director for Nurse Diversity and Inclusion is helping lead efforts to improve the physical and mental health and social well-being of nurses.