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Doctor with dying patient

Advanced Liver Disease Deserves More Palliative Research

Studies pose obstacles but are do-able for progressive liver disease.
Paramedics running to helicopter

Emergency Flight Crews Confront Secondary Trauma

Secondary PTSD has been recognized as a risk for members of hospital flight teams.
Nurses discussing

Diversity in Nursing Profession: Expanding for Growth

Vanderbilt Health nursing leaders address the need for greater diversity amid a shrinking nursing work force.
Home health worker greets person at door

Mobile Stroke Teams Driven to Improve Incident Aftercare

After an encouraging pilot, a new Vanderbilt University Medical Center study is underway to measure the impact of stroke aftercare that extends beyond discharge.
Exhausted nurse

Assessing Roles and Workloads in the NICU

Measurement study provides insight into personnel working in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Older man looking confused in hospital

Therapy can Reduce Delirium in the ED

Intense PT and OT intervention improves overall functioning in older patients.
Nutritionist consultation

BMI Alternative Improves Disease Prediction

Researchers put a new model to the test in predicting cardiometabolic disease risk.

‘Warm Handoff’ Improves Discharge to Skilled Nursing

Shelly Ross, A.P.R.N, and Kimberly Beiting, M.D., worked together to develop Transitions of Care.

Heavy Drinking May Escalate Arterial Stiffening

Pulse wave velocity testing could help patients avert the cardiovascular domino effect from excessive alcohol use.