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Neuropathies Examined in Hereditary Amyloid Disease

Research is exploring incidence of peripheral system involvement to facilitate earlier diagnosis and treatment.
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New Link Between Menopause and Heart Failure

While early menopause is a known risk factor for heart disease, obesity puts other women at risk.
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Exceptional Growth for Amyloidosis Care

Vanderbilt soars with emerging therapeutics and is the first dedicated amyloidosis treatment center in Tennessee.

Medical expertise infused with integrated technology allows Vanderbilt Health specialists to build partnerships and elevate care in complex and specialized cases.

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Regular Sleep Schedule Cuts Cardiovascular Risk

Study reports consistent sleep creates benefits for diverse patients.
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Aortic Arch Stent Trial Hits Phase 3

NEXUS, a novel catheter-based system, could replace open surgery for aortic arch aneurysm repair.
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More Support Helps Fast-Metabolizing Smokers Kick the Habit

Fast metabolizers respond to combo of enhanced nicotine replacement therapy and counseling.
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Stroke and Aneurysm Treatment Scrutinized in Multiple Trials

Device improvements, drugs and registries for cerebrovascular disease are examined for their life-saving potential.
From left, Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, MBA, Aaron Aday, MD, MSc, and Rachelle Crescenzi, PhD, are part of a multidisciplinary effort at VUMC to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema.

Better Strategies for Diagnosing Lipedema

Vanderbilt researchers are leading the charge to ensure lipedema is no longer conflated with obesity.
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Consider Surgery Pause After COVID Infection

For a variety of procedures, postponing surgery following illness was linked to lower risk of complications, even among those with asymptomatic cases.