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Woman with doctor showing shoulder pain

PT Best Approach for Atraumatic Rotator-Cuff Tears

The occurrence of a torn rotator cuff and onset of shoulder pain don’t always coincide, underscoring a need for caution before embarking on surgery.

Tendon Graft vs. Bridge Implant Examined in ACL Repair

New method of knee-ligament surgery promotes and optimizes healing in ACL tears.
Person with finger amputations using computer

Nerve Technique Brings Relief Post-Surgery

Nerve coaptation is improving outcomes for patients with palm-level and digital amputations.

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Child having spine checked for scoliosis

Evidence for Earlier Timing in Scoliosis Intervention

New study compares outcomes from adolescent and adult surgeries.
Health coach helping woman do ab exercises

Coaching, Patient-Efficacy Impact Neck and Back Pain

A study across 33 centers compares physical therapy approaches to avert chronic pain and disability.

Panel Addresses Global Impact of Spinal Disabilities

SPINE20 aims to improve the health and welfare of people globally who suffer from spine conditions and disability.

Minimally Invasive Approach Makes Thoracic Discectomy Less Daunting

A rarely performed transforaminal procedure removes herniated discs without the collateral damage.

Psychosocial Support Reduces Post-Surgical Pain for Some Patients

Vulnerable lower-extremity fracture patients can be identified and helped after surgery to lower chances of chronic pain.

Soft Tissue Sarcomas Rare and Sometimes Overlooked

Educational review article offers guidance on evaluation and management of soft-tissue masses to optimize patient outcomes.