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Minimally Invasive Approach Makes Thoracic Discectomy Less Daunting

A rarely performed transforaminal procedure removes herniated discs without the collateral damage.

Psychosocial Support Reduces Post-Surgical Pain for Some Patients

Vulnerable lower-extremity fracture patients can be identified and helped after surgery to lower chances of chronic pain.

Soft Tissue Sarcomas Rare and Sometimes Overlooked

Educational review article offers guidance on evaluation and management of soft-tissue masses to optimize patient outcomes.

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Data Backs ‘Non-accidental’ Referral for Fractures in Infants

New data suggests which suspicious elbow-fracture cases should be investigated.

Compared with Japan, Laminoplasty Underused in U.S. for Treating Spinal Compression

Laminoplasty to manage cervical myelopathy may be given less consideration than it is due.

Recovery Pathway Enhanced for Sarcoma Surgeries

From nutrition support to early mobilization, steps on pathway lead to improved outcomes.

Potential for Patient Dissatisfaction a Top Stressor for Many MDs

Consequences of patient satisfaction ratings are impacting behavior and dampening the enthusiasm of pain interventionalists.

Dual Blocks Before Neurotomy Benefit Patients and Physicians

Study makes a case for the two-step procedure to identify lumbar osteoarthritis candidates for radiofrequency ablation.

Sexual Health Concerns Overlooked After Pelvic Trauma

Post-injury care plans should prioritize sexual dysfunction to give patients needed resources and counseling.