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Fluoroscopic images showing bladder trabeculation (left) and vesicoureteral reflux (right) in patients with spina bifida.

Botox or AC for Children with Spina Bifida?

Botox use is on the rise, but study on decision factors reinforce important personal aspects of bladder management decisions.

How Bacteria Battles Acidity to Cause UTIs

A novel mechanism of acid resistance expands E. coli’s defenses and may guide researchers toward better treatment for a common infection.
Urine labs

Oxygen Pathway a Potential New Target in Bladder Injury

New discoveries about the HIF-PHD axis may aid efforts to prevent or treat inflammatory bladder injury.

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Doctor showing options to patient

Health Literacy and Recovery: a Positive Correlation

Research underscores the value of targeted communications.
Antibiotic test

Breakthrough Antibacterial Going from Bench to Bedside

Gepotidacin is the tip of the spear in a new class of antibacterials.
Doctor going over options with patient

Active-Surveillance Rates Rise in Prostate Cancer

Nationwide analysis finds increasing trend toward staving off definitive treatment.
Dialysis machine close up

The iBAK’s Road to the Marketplace

Part 3: Scaled manufacturing and clinical trials lie ahead.
Wet paper doll

Research Elucidates Link Between Anxiety, Bladder Control

Central nervous system hypersensitivity is identified as a contributor to overactive bladder.
Image of artificial kidney attached to dialysis machine

Challenges Overcome in Creation of Bioartificial Kidney

Part II: With bioengineering innovations, Team Sisyphus makes it over the top.