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Mother and doctor smiling at a happy young girl lying down in a hospital bed

Study Suggests Shorter Antibiotic Course for Medically Complex Children

In a group of hospitalized children, readmissions for UTI were fewer among those given short-course IV antibiotics.
Man sitting on a couch taking notes on a clipboard while videoconferencing with a therapist

Online Therapy Improves Pain, Overall Satisfaction

Interstitial cystitis patients reported that telemedicine sessions provided substantial benefits.
Young woman with closed eyes reclines on couch. In the background, out of focus, another woman is sitting in an armchair and observing

Hypnosis Diminishes Pain, Urinary-Tract Symptoms

Greatest gains seen in those with the worst symptoms.

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Close up illustration of skeletal human pelvis with bladder anatomy showing

Regenerative Medicine for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Phase 3 CELLEBRATE trial is underway testing autologous muscle cell grafts for sphincter repair.
Fluoroscopic images showing bladder trabeculation (left) and vesicoureteral reflux (right) in patients with spina bifida.

Botox or AC for Children with Spina Bifida?

Botox use is on the rise, but study on decision factors reinforce important personal aspects of bladder management decisions.
Illustration of floating bacteria

How Bacteria Battles Acidity to Cause UTIs

A novel mechanism of acid resistance expands E. coli’s defenses and may guide researchers toward better treatment for a common infection.
Urine labs

Oxygen Pathway a Potential New Target in Bladder Injury

New discoveries about the HIF-PHD axis may aid efforts to prevent or treat inflammatory bladder injury.
Doctor showing options to patient

Health Literacy and Recovery: a Positive Correlation

Research underscores the value of targeted communications.
Antibiotic test

Breakthrough Antibacterial Going from Bench to Bedside

Gepotidacin is the tip of the spear in a new class of antibacterials.