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Antibiotic test

Breakthrough Antibacterial Going from Bench to Bedside

Gepotidacin is the tip of the spear in a new class of antibacterials.
Doctor going over options with patient

Active-Surveillance Rates Rise in Prostate Cancer

Nationwide analysis finds increasing trend toward staving off definitive treatment.
Dialysis machine close up

The iBAK’s Road to the Marketplace

Part 3: Scaled manufacturing and clinical trials lie ahead.

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Research Elucidates Link Between Anxiety, Bladder Control

Central nervous system hypersensitivity is identified as a contributor to overactive bladder.
Image of artificial kidney attached to dialysis machine

Challenges Overcome in Creation of Bioartificial Kidney

Part II: With bioengineering innovations, Team Sisyphus makes it over the top.
Artificial kidney device

Creating the First Implantable Bioartificial Kidney

Part 1: From Concept to Preclinical Trials
Young man in pain

Treatment Delays Costly to Teens with Testicular Torsion

ED and Urology adherence to TWIST score promotes a quicker path to surgery and better outcomes.
Mom and child in bathroom

Incontinence Relief for Kids via Sacral Neuromodulation

A pioneer in pediatric SNM shares best practices and outcomes to date for this ‘life changing’ procedure.
Doctor and patient talking

Next-Generation Screening for Prostate Cancer

A new biomarker model specifically reveals signs of aggressive prostate cancer.