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Transplant Excellence Result of Skill, Innovation and Teamwork

Vanderbilt surpasses its previous annual record for solid organ transplants, establishing it as the fifth-largest transplant center in the nation.
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Inflammation Factors in Obesity and Kidney Injury

Studies connect receptor pathways to macrophages and inflammation in both obesity and kidney fibrosis.
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Exceptional Growth for Amyloidosis Care

Vanderbilt soars with emerging therapeutics and is the first dedicated amyloidosis treatment center in Tennessee.

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APOL1 Tied to Higher COVID-19 Mortality

Nationwide analysis finds variants may confer more than elevated risk of kidney disease.
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How Bacteria Battles Acidity to Cause UTIs

A novel mechanism of acid resistance expands E. coli’s defenses and may guide researchers toward better treatment for a common infection.
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Mutated DNA Regulator Implicated in Cancer Cell Development

Studies on SETD2 identified correlations between mutated chromosomes in cancer cells and chemotherapy resistance.
Illustration of Rac1 protein

Unexpected Consequences of Rac1 Protein

Research provides insight into how these key proteins support kidney ducts’ cellular integrity.
Foods high in Mg

Magnesium’s Role in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension

Mouse model investigation confirms link between magnesium and blood pressure response.
Organ donation

Disparities Emerge, From Evaluation to Transplant

Research shows varying levels of disparities throughout the kidney transplant process.