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Outpatient Relief for Extracranial Headache

More than 400 Vanderbilt headache patients have had nerve decompression procedures; research on imaging techniques to help delineate candidates.
Illustration of sad figure huddled in cerebellum shape

Examining the Cerebellum’s Role in Psychosis

Studies probe connections between this narrowly understood brain region and symptomatology.
Brain neurons artistic concept

Interneuron Injuries Tied to Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Researchers explore the pathophysiology of these critical neurons and the causes of injury that lead to deficit.

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Debate Over Changing the Clock Winds On

Sleep experts recommend permanent standard time to best support human health.

Panel Addresses Global Impact of Spinal Disabilities

SPINE20 aims to improve the health and welfare of people globally who suffer from spine conditions and disability.

Minimally Invasive Approach Makes Thoracic Discectomy Less Daunting

A rarely performed transforaminal procedure removes herniated discs without the collateral damage.

Cognition Also Considered in Cochlear Implant Success

Going beyond assessment of sensory capabilities helps achieve better forecasting and improves patient satisfaction.

Clinic Takes Broad View in Grappling with Long COVID

With questions still outnumbering answers, physicians in a long COVID clinic help patients caught in the pandemic kaleidoscope.

Implant Gives Hope for Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy

NAUTILUS study tests responsive neurostimulation device for seizure reduction.