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Subtypes of Cells Emerge as Immune System Therapies

Immunophenotyping seeks to identify the ‘problem children’ among immune cells with the goal of precision therapies.

Aggressive, Systemic Vasculitis Now Treated with Avacopan

ADVOCATE study demonstrates power of a game-changing therapy to reduce glucocorticoid use by nearly two-thirds.

High T Cell Totals in Plaques Drive Cardio Risks in Lupus

Immunology and cardiovascular systems interact as inflammatory conditions leading to higher atherosclerosis risk.

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Clinic Takes Broad View in Grappling with Long COVID

With questions still outnumbering answers, physicians in a long COVID clinic help patients caught in the pandemic kaleidoscope.

Nutraceutical in Buckwheat Cleans Up RA Inflammation

2-HOBA hunts down the isolevuglandins responsible for proinflammatory cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis.

Three-decade Review Clarifies Pregnancy Risk in Lupus

Researchers find higher risks of adverse events, underutilized options for mitigation.

Non-coding RNA Signals Synovial Joint Reaction

New evidence reveals a critical regulatory role for non-coding RNAs in inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Evolving Best Practices in Pediatric Uveitis Treatment

New studies explore advances in standard and immunosuppressive therapies.

Microbial Small RNAs to Predict Arthritis Outcomes

Acting as biomarkers, microbial sRNAs indicate disease severity and drug responses.