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Child holding knee in pain

Divergent T Cell Activity Holds Clues to Juvenile Arthritis

Blood assays in children with and without the disease show separate paths in T cell differentiation.
Doctor showing patient EHR results

Risk Score Sheds Light on Lupus Diagnosis

Study demonstrates the usefulness of phenotype risk scoring in systemic lupus erythematosus cases.
Gout foot

Tackling the Side Effects of Gout Treatment

Adjunctive leflunomide may avoid the downside of methotrexate.

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Girl having wrist examined with ultrasound

MSK Ultrasound Aids Early Arthritis Detection

The advent of musculoskeletal ultrasonography opens the door to earlier detection of arthritis and other rheumatological diseases.
Pharmacist on phone

Complex Issues Surround Speciality Medication Adherence

Many patients cited social troubles as a serious impediment to correctly following all medication instructions.
Environmental portrait of doctors Rathmell and Voss in lab

Iron Uptake Impacts T Cell Inflammation in Lupus

Study finds targeting excess iron uptake can correct T cell dysfunction.
Illustration of cracking skin

Demystifying Systemic Scleroderma

Research focuses on heterogenous vascular changes preceding visible skin hardening.
blood samples in tubes

Serologies Identify Myopathies Disguised as Lung Disease

Experts stress delays in diagnosing anti-tRNA synthetase syndrome can be corrected with comprehensive serologies.
Showing arthritic hand

Clues Found in Interval Between Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Younger patients and those with severe psoriasis progress more slowly.