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Woman with doctor showing shoulder pain

PT Best Approach for Atraumatic Rotator-Cuff Tears

The occurrence of a torn rotator cuff and onset of shoulder pain don’t always coincide, underscoring a need for caution before embarking on surgery.
Family cooking together

Amyloid Differences Could Hamper Alzheimer’s Treatment

New IDEAS study finds striking racial and ethnic differences in amyloid PET positivity.
Illustration of lungs

Making Sense of Macrophage Diversity in Lung Healing

Study describes fluorescence-activated cell-sorting technique for more targeted study of inflammation and aging in lungs.

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Woman enjoying a walk

Addressing Alzheimer’s Upfront: The AHEAD Study

VUMC researchers are exploring whether a treatment recently approved to slow progression of early Alzheimer’s may also have a role in preventing the disease.
Pharmacist on phone

Complex Issues Surround Speciality Medication Adherence

Many patients cited social troubles as a serious impediment to correctly following all medication instructions.
Woman with cochlear implant talking to another person

All Ages Benefit from Context Clues

Findings may enhance training methods for people using cochlear implants.
Older adult using iPad

Audio Notes Improve Self-Care in Older Adults

Newly funded study to measure patient activation when offered medical notes versus recordings.
Brain neurons artistic concept

Interneuron Injuries Tied to Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Researchers explore the pathophysiology of these critical neurons and the causes of injury that lead to deficit.
Heart illustration

Disruptive Proteins Culpable in Atrial Fibrillation

Study probes harm to the heart’s electrical pathways from natriuretic peptide oligomers.