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Holding hands in focus: an older adult and a health care worker

Age-Friendly Care for Seniors Dealing with Substance Abuse

Curricula are being developed at VUMC to train health care personnel in the details of managing older adults with substance use disorder.
Doctor and patient in consult

Exceptional Growth for Amyloidosis Care

Vanderbilt soars with emerging therapeutics and is the first dedicated amyloidosis treatment center in Tennessee.
Doctor looking at bone scans

Osteoblast’s Appetites Tied to Bone Health

Osteoblasts of old and young mice differ in metabolic activity that underlies degenerative porosity.

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Physician interacting with patient

Stroke and Aneurysm Treatment Scrutinized in Multiple Trials

Device improvements, drugs and registries for cerebrovascular disease are examined for their life-saving potential.
Nurse checking elderly patient's blood pressure

Studies Examine Elements of Optimal Nursing Care

Studies underway focus on nurse staffing allocations, discharge transitions, and social drivers of health for patients.
Doctor with dying patient

Advanced Liver Disease Deserves More Palliative Research

Studies pose obstacles but are do-able for progressive liver disease.
Home health worker greets person at door

Mobile Stroke Teams Driven to Improve Incident Aftercare

After an encouraging pilot, a new Vanderbilt University Medical Center study is underway to measure the impact of stroke aftercare that extends beyond discharge.
Older man looking confused in hospital

Therapy can Reduce Delirium in the ED

Intense PT and OT intervention improves overall functioning in older patients.
Woman with doctor showing shoulder pain

PT Best Approach for Atraumatic Rotator-Cuff Tears

The occurrence of a torn rotator cuff and onset of shoulder pain don’t always coincide, underscoring a need for caution before embarking on surgery.