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Study Examines Puberty in Girls with Autism

Researchers are seeking girls with and without autism to join study; participating families to receive education, resources.

Hypnosis Diminishes Pain, Urinary-Tract Symptoms

Greatest gains seen in those with the worst symptoms.
Mom with autistic son

Family Training Eases Transition for Autistic Youth

Parents with the fewest skills at the outset made greatest gains with group training.

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Mom and child using tablet for telehealth consult

Remote Approach Extends Autism Evaluation

Multimillion-dollar grant will power a statewide rollout to test its practical utility.
Nurse working on paper charts and EMR

Signals of Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Researchers are exploring how to mine EHRs for genetic and other data to develop better risk phenotypes for addiction.
Holding hands in focus: an older adult and a health care worker

Age-Friendly Care for Seniors Dealing with Substance Abuse

Curricula are being developed at VUMC to train health care personnel in the details of managing older adults with substance use disorder.
Pregnant women in group therapy

Pregnant Patients with SUD Face Treatment Barriers

Secret shopper studies show how pregnant women slip through the treatment cracks at a prime time for recovery.
Nauseated young girl

Slow-Wave Imaging Shows Pattern in Nausea

VUMC researchers are delving into slow-wave activity to pin down nausea's origins and best therapies.
Doctor or counselor consulting young man

Intervention in Early Psychosis Helps Mitigate Damage

NAVIGATE program is helping patients regain cognitive skills and minimize life disruption.