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Brain’s Sensory Processing Often Struggles in Autism

Virtual reality may help smooth out disconnects between vision and hearing.

Poor Vision in Daily Tasks Linked to Mental Health

Some problems matter more than others when assessing quality-of-life factors.

Household Income, Maternal Health Among Factors Tied to Craniofacial Clefts

In a first of its type, a Tennessee study offers a model for better understanding factors present in regions of higher risk.

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Medication for Smoking Reduced Heavy Drinking in HIV Patients

Study in population living with HIV reflects findings in other groups and makes a strong case for cytisine approval in the U.S.

Metzel to Congress: ‘Larger Forces’ at Root of Health Disparities

Training physicians to adopt a structural-competency framework can impart a more holistic viewpoint.

Clinic Takes Broad View in Grappling with Long COVID

With questions still outnumbering answers, physicians in a long COVID clinic help patients caught in the pandemic kaleidoscope.

Relevant Details Give Naloxone Reminders More Impact

Prescribing rates soar when an alert explains a specific patient’s risk of overdosing.

Heavy Drinking May Escalate Arterial Stiffening

Pulse wave velocity testing could help patients avert the cardiovascular domino effect from excessive alcohol use.

Benefits Often Outweigh Risk in Treating Childhood Obesity

Effective new therapies are on the market, but stigmas associated with yesterday’s drugs persist.