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Newborn with head being measured

Stress Rates Significant for Craniosynostosis Caregivers

After a drop following surgery, the stress rates rise again, especially for women and individuals depending on public insurance to cover their medical bills.
Depressed youth

Suicide-Risk Screening for Autistic Youth Demands Adjustments

Face-to-face conversations caused an often-used screening tool to miss youth at risk.
Woman enjoying a walk

Addressing Alzheimer’s Upfront: The AHEAD Study

VUMC researchers are exploring whether a treatment recently approved to slow progression of early Alzheimer’s may also have a role in preventing the disease.

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Mom and daughter talking

Moms Control ‘Hot Thoughts’ to Help T1D Teens

Training teaches mothers to challenge fears, reducing depression.
Wet paper doll

Research Elucidates Link Between Anxiety, Bladder Control

Central nervous system hypersensitivity is identified as a contributor to overactive bladder.
Illustration of sad figure huddled in cerebellum shape

Examining the Cerebellum’s Role in Psychosis

Studies probe connections between this narrowly understood brain region and symptomatology.
Brain neurons artistic concept

Interneuron Injuries Tied to Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Researchers explore the pathophysiology of these critical neurons and the causes of injury that lead to deficit.
older adult waiting for MRI

Brain Networks Key to a Healthier Mind

Differentiated treatment responses to late-life depression could address neural networks stuck on 'negative rumination.'
Daylight savings time illustration

Debate Over Changing the Clock Winds On

Sleep experts recommend permanent standard time to best support human health.