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Mother holds young girl on hip, touching her forehead. Both are wearing surgical masks.

T-to-A Metric for Fever Fails Scrutiny

Large study results argue against time-prescribed antibiotics for febrile children with cancer.
Black boy in white tank top at the doctor getting his heart checked

School-Age Children with Sickle Cell Face Nutritional Challenge

Underweight children show increased risk of early mortality from early in life.
illustration of mitosis in shades of red/pink

Mutated DNA Regulator Implicated in Cancer Cell Development

Studies on SETD2 identified correlations between mutated chromosomes in cancer cells and chemotherapy resistance.
Peds ultrasound

Intraoperative Ultrasound Proves Merit in Pediatric Setting

A case study of a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia demonstrates the synergy of new surgical techniques and technology in a minimally invasive operation.
Child cancer patient

Stronger Hearts for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Pediatric oncologists and cardiologists collaborate on reducing cardiotoxic effects of cancer treatment.

Subspecialists Optimize Outcomes in Skull Base Tumor Surgery

In a rare combination of talents, two pediatric subspecialists bring their skills together for operations.
Doctor talking to cancer patient and family

The Role of Ethics in Curing Pediatric Cancer

The potential unintended yet longterm consequences of curing childhood cancer come under the scrutiny of a Vanderbilt oncologist and bioethicist.

Oligosaccharide in Milk Halts Chemo-induced Mucositis

A type of sugar present in human milk can prevent chemotherapy-induced mucositis in animal models.

Why do Some Pediatric Low-grade Gliomas Spread?

The largest study of disseminated low-grade gliomas in children aims to pinpoint drivers of metastasis.