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An illustration of cigarettes interspersed among binary code to show smoking data hidden among a patient's digital records.

EHR Holds Clues for Lung Cancer Screening

New tool uncovers information in patient clinic notes to improve lung cancer screening for smokers and former smokers.
Dr. Andreana Holowatyj doing research in her lab

The Unknowns of Appendix Cancer

Revised staging guidelines demonstrate the clinical implications and challenges in evaluating these rare tumors.
An illustration of a dozen profiles of various ethnicities.

Inclusive Genetics Study Probes Differences in Disease Risk

With widespread applications and a focus on diversity, the All of Us initiative is reconfiguring the parameters of personalized medicine.

Medical expertise infused with integrated technology allows Vanderbilt Health specialists to build partnerships and elevate care in complex and specialized cases.

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Male staff guides an elderly woman to an MRI machine

Ultrasound Breakthrough Treats Pain Noninvasively

Grant empowers researchers to test their fMRI-guided ultrasound system on essential tremor and post-stroke pain.
Seated white woman on a couch, wrapped in a blanket, uses telemedicine on a tablet to consult with a doctor

Telehealth Gains Traction in Shared Surgical Decision-Making

A COVID-19 emergency format for consultation is still seen in the practice of GI surgery, to the overall satisfaction of patients and surgeons.
Drug repurposing concept: one blue pill plus one red pill equals one yellow pill

AI Accelerates Quest for Drug Repurposing

Pilot study tests ability of generative AI to prioritize drugs for potential repurposing in Alzheimer’s disease.
Healthcare workers at a desk looking at a computer monitor with tables of data

Validation Strategies Help Fill EHR Data Gaps

VUMC team pioneers more efficient methods for validating EHR data in biomedical research.
Factory machine and assembly line

Stepping from Bench to Business Venture

Evaluating commercial viability of inventions can start early in the research process.
Two white researchers in white shirts look at the display of a laptop that one is holding up. Lab setting.

Academy Developing Code for Ethical AI

Peter J. Embí, M.D., addresses the ethical considerations involved in the use of artificial intelligence in a clinical or research setting.