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Brain Genetics Influence Profile of Addiction Risk

Study with a million-plus subjects finds shared genetic susceptibility to tobacco, alcohol, opioid and cannabis addictions.
Lung CT with nodules

AI to Address Questions Left by Lung Screenings

Research team refines method for diagnosis of indeterminant lung nodules using artificial intelligence and advanced learning.
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Complex Issues Surround Speciality Medication Adherence

Many patients cited social troubles as a serious impediment to correctly following all medication instructions.

Medical expertise infused with integrated technology allows Vanderbilt Health specialists to build partnerships and elevate care in complex and specialized cases.

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Cancer’s Glow Guides More Complete Removal

Fluorescence imaging augments a surgeon’s eyes in excising malignancies.
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Telehealth Overcomes Distance for Specialty Consultations

Neurology forges a wider path for specialty consulting services using technology.
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Moms Control ‘Hot Thoughts’ to Help T1D Teens

Training teaches mothers to challenge fears, reducing depression.
Doctor reading test results to patient

Functional Medicine Access Improves Quality of Life

A unique program looks at the whole person to determine root causes of disease.
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Cartilage Regrowth Tied to ‘Lizard’s Tail’ Trait

Discovery of mechanism for regrowth earns national attention.
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Exchanging Presumptions for Trauma-Informed Care

The newer approach avoids pitfalls and failings of 'culturally competent' care.