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Close-up portrait of beautiful disabled girl in the arms of his mother having fun in fountain of public park at sunny summer day. Child cerebral palsy. Inclusion.

Comprehensive, Early Intervention for Cerebral Palsy

Clinicians from multiple specialties coalesce to identify and provide interventions for a heterogeneous population of affected children.
Child with EEG monitoring

Advanced Computation in Neurologic Monitoring

Advancements may allow quicker therapeutic interventions.
Doctor or counselor consulting young man

Intervention in Early Psychosis Helps Mitigate Damage

NAVIGATE program is helping patients regain cognitive skills and minimize life disruption.
Woman using telemedicine to check glycemic levels

Wearables Support Research Into Rare Diseases

Young patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia have new ways to measure diabetes risk.
Patient with family

When There’s No Room for Doubt

Neurocritical care team revives failing patient with resolve and advanced pediatric care.
Illustration of surgery

Study Reviews Surgical Approach to Neural Tube Defect

A MOMS follow-up study finds bipedicle flap closure an effective option for open fetal meningocele repair.
Woman helping fallen girl

Cenobamate for Focal Seizure Reduction

Phase 3 trial analysis supports cenobamate’s efficacy for patients with drug-refractory epilepsy.
Child and doctor

Ketamine Lowers Pressure in Pediatric TBI

New, retrospective analysis could help reverse decades-old thinking.

Subspecialists Optimize Outcomes in Skull Base Tumor Surgery

In a rare combination of talents, two pediatric subspecialists bring their skills together for operations.