The DNA series is designed to spark conversations about medicine, health and society. 

It delves into the opportunity — and imperative — of creating a system and culture in health care that values the contributions of the person as a catalyst for working toward better health for all. The first season launched in Aug. 2020 and has been downloaded around 95,000 times in more than 120 countries. 

On Season 4, leaders from around the VUMC enterprise explore issues facing businesses across industries, and how the enterprise is experimenting with and designing solutions for problems — old and new — by supporting smart people with visionary ideas. 

You’ll track how a few ideas fused and matured over decades into the engine of a global collaboration, and why progress requires bold confidence in people, taking calculated risks, and transformative optimism about what could be next.  

Structured as a four-part case study, whose endings are yet unwritten, season listeners get a peek into how a storied institution thinks about change, disruption from within and around, and rallies around initiatives designed to improve complex medical, research, community and workplace challenges.   

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Season 4 Recap

Blazing a New Pathway: A Live Chat

Throughout Season 4 - leaders from around VUMC explored issues facing businesses across industries, and how Vanderbilt is experimenting with and designing solutions for problems — old and new — by supporting smart people with visionary ideas.
Season 4 - Episode 4

Equity Blooms Through Hard Work: Shifting Systems Toward Inclusion

Muscles that don’t get used, lose strength. Building a culture of belonging to foster inventive forward-looking research and robust retention requires the consistency and tenacity of a training program. Meet a nurse educator, a geriatrician, and a neurologist who are putting in the hours.
Season 4 - Episode 3

Blazing a New Pathway: A Bold Blueprint to Foster Upskilling, Reskilling and Future Colleagues

Companies around the U.S. and world are navigating a re-think about work and learning as shifting expectations and technological leaps upend the status quo. In this episode, discover how trailblazing initiatives at one of Tennessee’s largest employers are reshaping the healthcare landscape while addressing societal and economic pressures.
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Season 4 - Episode 2

Trust, pilots, time: Get insiders’ thoughts on what it really takes to make forward-looking change in healthcare

This episode is your gateway into the world of transformative possibilities.
Season 4 - Episode 1

From an inkling to Iceland: The inventive path toward a genetic ‘Rosetta Stone’

Transformative change takes intergenerational vision, discipline and commitment. Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s CEO and leaders in genetic research explain how ideas stemming from the 1990s sparked a new global alliance that will help write the future of medicine.