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Sleepy child at desk

New Drug Targets Daytime Sleepiness in Prader-Willi

Pitolisant works on histamine to boost alertness and combat sleep disorders.
Girl being treated in hospital

Neuropsychiatric Response in Children with Flu

New research yields insight into risks and prevention of seizures, vision changes and psychosis.
Kid struggling to sleep

‘No Magic Bullet’ for Sleep Gaps in Children with Autism

Nearly a third of children with autism have disrupted overnight sleep patterns, leaving them more irritable and physically aggressive by day.
Newborn with head being measured

Stress Rates Significant for Craniosynostosis Caregivers

After a drop following surgery, the stress rates rise again, especially for women and individuals depending on public insurance to cover their medical bills.
Woman helping fallen girl

Cenobamate for Focal Seizure Reduction

Phase 3 trial analysis supports cenobamate’s efficacy for patients with drug-refractory epilepsy.
Child in wheelchair

Self-Catheterization Guidance Prepares Families for Important Milestone

Occupational therapists play a critical role in improved toileting independence in pediatric patients with neurogenic bladder.
Kid riding dirt bike

Income, Education Tagged in Helmet Use by Juveniles

Study looks at the factors associated with riding ATVs and dirt bikes without protective headgear.

Subspecialists Optimize Outcomes in Skull Base Tumor Surgery

In a rare combination of talents, two pediatric subspecialists bring their skills together for operations.

Focus in Prader-Willi Cases Expands Beyond Typical Concerns

At a specialty clinic, families feel relief at finding doctors and others who understand their children.