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Suicide Safety Plans Customized for Autistic Youth

Process must be customized to meet the needs of individuals who have trouble naming and sharing emotions.

Visual Symptoms Now on Checklist for Pediatric Concussion

Early identification and management of visual disorders may mitigate negative effects, according to Vanderbilt co-author.

Subspecialists Optimize Outcomes in Skull Base Tumor Surgery

In a rare combination of talents, two pediatric subspecialists bring their skills together for operations.

Stoma or Shunt for Posterior Fossa Tumors

Researchers probe durability of endoscopic third ventriculostomy for patients who develop hydrocephalus.

Clinic Treats Functional Seizures with a Unique Approach

Painstaking diagnosis is first step to effective treatment of stress-related neurological disorder.

Diagnosis Provides Evidence for Laparotomy vs. Drainage in Neonates

Landmark study compares two surgical strategies to repair necrotizing enterocolitis or intestinal perforation in premature infants.

Neurological Complications Common in Children with Severe Influenza

Immunization is vital for high-risk children and families.

Neurodiverse Input Enhances Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Inquiries

Early, meaningful inclusion can better define research priorities.

Whole Patient Care at Tourette Syndrome Center of Excellence

A multidisciplinary team of providers treat related conditions to help patients lead better lives.