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Mom and child in bathroom

Incontinence Relief for Kids via Sacral Neuromodulation

A pioneer in pediatric SNM shares best practices and outcomes to date for this ‘life changing’ procedure.

Urinary Microbiome Studies May Improve Pediatric UTI Treatment

Study in infants identifies key species among abundant population.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Wilms Tumor Brings Several Benefits

A new study explores advances in neoadjuvant chemotherapy and minimally invasive surgery.

Improving Sexual Health in Girls with Spina Bifida

Experts outline special considerations to support sexual health and pregnancy.
Physician reassuring pediatric patient and mother

Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Therapy Linked to Quality of Life

PFBT improves urinary incontinence, bladder emptying, UTI frequency and vesicoureteral reflex.
Healthcare Provider with Patient in Wheelchair

For Spina Bifida, Continence Tied to Later Education and Employment

National registry reveals benefits from early bladder management, with emphasis on adolescence.

Urological Improvement after Prenatal Spina Bifida Surgery

Follow-up study of MOMS patients points to some long-term benefits.

The ABU’s Response to COVID-19

Current ABU president explains strategies to adapt training and continuing education.

Improving Surgical Outcomes for Kids

Unique program lends a research backbone to support surgeon-scientists.