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Two healthcare workers wearing masks and gloves examine chest X-ray

Strategies to Support Pulmonary Transplant Patients – and their New Lungs

Organ storage temperatures and levels of vaccine dosing are being studied to improve outcomes for transplant patients.
Green and purple close up of cellular image

Atlas of Cells Sparks New Thinking in Lung Injury

Single-cell sequencing drives a need to look beyond ‘hallmark’ genes.
Patient blowing into a tube to measure lung health. There are three balls, green, yellow and red, and the red ball is lifted.

Severe Asthma Gains Chance at Remission

New criteria highlight possibilities for achieving remission for asthma patients.
Child getting flu shot

Flu Risk Significant in Children with Solid Organ Transplants

Large multicenter study quantifies the flu season challenge to young transplant recipients.
Patient with family

When There’s No Room for Doubt

Neurocritical care team revives failing patient with resolve and advanced pediatric care.
Happy kid running with arms out

Biologics Give Regular Life Back to Children with Asthma

Though the right choice for many severe cases, biologics may be underused.
child with breathing help

RSV Exposure Heightens Childhood Asthma Risk

The new INSPIRE study demonstrates associations between first-year RSV infection and asthma.
Doctor and patient talking

Exchanging Presumptions for Trauma-Informed Care

The newer approach avoids pitfalls and failings of 'culturally competent' care.
NICU baby

Hypertension Gene Improves Odds in Congenital Heart Disease

A predisposition for adult hypertension is a single-factor indicator pointing to better surgical outcomes for babies with congenital heart disease.