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Fecal Transplant Outcomes in Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s

Synthesis of 12 studies shows isolated benefits of fecal microbiota transplant, illuminates the disease’s multifactorial treatment requirements.
Nauseated young girl

Slow-Wave Imaging Shows Pattern in Nausea

VUMC researchers are delving into slow-wave activity to pin down nausea's origins and best therapies.
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Disarming the Autoimmune Response in Celiac Disease

New trials aim to block, re-educate or transform components of the inflammatory process.
Black boy in white tank top at the doctor getting his heart checked

School-Age Children with Sickle Cell Face Nutritional Challenge

Underweight children show increased risk of early mortality from early in life.
Doctor giving ultrasound to man

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Aids GI Evaluation

Earlier diagnoses and fewer endoscopies are welcome benefits for patients with IBD symptoms.
Girl with stomach ache

Chronic Childhood Pain Shadows Some Into Adulthood

Longtime abdominal pain in childhood can affect physical and mental health decades later.
Child rubbing sore throat

Esophageal Tissue Analyzed Using Web-Based Tool

A free webtool predicts probability of fibrotic changes in the lamina propria, enabling risk stratification and personalized therapy.
Liver donor showing scar

Living Donor Liver Transplantation Worth Closer Look

All hands are on deck to raise awareness of an alternative to deceased donor gifts.
Kid having heart examined by doctor

Personalized Medicine for Congenital Heart Disease

Identifying the best individual approach for each child is the next step forward in treatment of CHD.