Pediatric Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

Latest in Pediatric Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

Uncovering Role of Microbiome in Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Study to examine the esophageal microbiome as an influence on patients’ response to topical steroids.

Exclusive Breastfeeding Lowers Childhood Asthma Risk

Links confirmed between breastfeeding and resistance to common childhood respiratory illnesses.

Diagnosis Provides Evidence for Laparotomy vs. Drainage in Neonates

Landmark study compares two surgical strategies to repair necrotizing enterocolitis or intestinal perforation in premature infants.

Harnessing the Imagination for IBD Relief

Parents report quality of life benefits from children’s self-hypnosis.

New Tech Aids Diagnosis of Eosinophilic GI Disorders

Research puts innovative focus on earlier, more tolerable interventions.

Improved Outlook for CDH in Newborns

Protocol changes reflect new research and revised treatment priorities.

U.S. Surgeons First to Reconstruct Esophagus Using New Magnamosis Device

Specialty, minimally invasive technique proves lifesaving.

A “Safety Zone” for Closing Gastroschisis

New evidence helps identify a sweet spot for intervention decisions.

Resection vs. Transplant for Pediatric Liver Cancer

Study suggests survival advantage for transplant in advanced cases.