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Getting Real: Teens with T1D Resist Low Carb Diets

Study measuring benefits of low carb diet becomes a reality-check on adolescent behavior.

Focus in Prader-Willi Cases Expands Beyond Typical Concerns

At a specialty clinic, families feel relief at finding doctors and others who understand their children.

Benefits Often Outweigh Risk in Treating Childhood Obesity

Effective new therapies are on the market, but stigmas associated with yesterday’s drugs persist.

Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Specialists Seek Updated Guidelines

Experts in pediatric thyroid cancer discuss the most significant advances on the horizon.

Molecular Testing Predicts Malignancy of Pediatric Thyroid Nodules

Sequencing study of archived tissue from 95 patients examines the genetic drivers of pediatric thyroid cancer.

Debate Sparked by Equal-Risk Finding for COVID in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

Follow-up study to settle the issue of comparable risk levels.

Reducing Pediatric Obesity Takes Integrated Approach

Linking genetics with environmental and cultural influences provides key insights.

“Pancreatlas” Offers Deep Dive into the Human Pancreas

First-of-its-kind imaging database is practical, comprehensive and open source.
X-ray of child using burosumab trial to treat bone disease.

Breakthrough Therapy for a Rare Metabolic Bone Disease

Burosumab may enable near-normal lives for children with XLH.