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Teenage boy inspects his continuous glucose monitor

Rural Youth with T1D Struggle to Connect with Monitoring Technology

Children living outside of urban areas are less likely to report using CGMs, despite benefits.
Black boy in white tank top at the doctor getting his heart checked

School-Age Children with Sickle Cell Face Nutritional Challenge

Underweight children show increased risk of early mortality from early in life.
Diabetes finger prick insulin test

Novel Drug Combo Enters Trial for Type 1 Diabetes

Will rituximab plus abatacept outperform either treatment alone?
Woman using telemedicine to check glycemic levels

Wearables Support Research Into Rare Diseases

Young patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia have new ways to measure diabetes risk.
Peds ultrasound

Intraoperative Ultrasound Proves Merit in Pediatric Setting

A case study of a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia demonstrates the synergy of new surgical techniques and technology in a minimally invasive operation.
Mom and daughter talking

Moms Control ‘Hot Thoughts’ to Help T1D Teens

Training teaches mothers to challenge fears, reducing depression.
Young child swimming

Oral Treatment Further Tested in Childhood Obesity

Adolescents who lose weight more quickly tend also to improve related habits, such as diet: pediatric endocrinologist at VUMC.

Getting Real: Teens with T1D Resist Low Carb Diets

Study measuring benefits of low carb diet becomes a reality-check on adolescent behavior.

Focus in Prader-Willi Cases Expands Beyond Typical Concerns

At a specialty clinic, families feel relief at finding doctors and others who understand their children.