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African American nurse speaking with a pregnant woman and her partner in hospital ward.

Minding Alerts to Long QT Syndrome Reduces Stillbirth

Early intervention when fetal heart rates go awry can mitigate morbidity and mortality risks.
Illustration of blood forming a clot in a vein

Three-quarters of Physicians Brush Off Automated Advice

Physicians mostly ignored the evidence-based suggestions for their pediatric patients.
Green and purple close up of cellular image

Atlas of Cells Sparks New Thinking in Lung Injury

Single-cell sequencing drives a need to look beyond ‘hallmark’ genes.

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Woman holding finger of a baby in the NICU

Improving Lung Health for Preterm Babies

Team-based quality improvement framework has brought organization to neonatal initiatives and improved respiratory outcomes.
Feeding breast milk in bottle to premature infant

Optimal Breast Milk for Preterm Infants

Degradation of osteopontin in donor milk could drive pasteurization procedure changes.
Pregnant women in group therapy

Pregnant Patients with SUD Face Treatment Barriers

Secret shopper studies show how pregnant women slip through the treatment cracks at a prime time for recovery.
Naked infant lying on a scale. Scale reads 9 pounds 1.3 ounces.

Placenta Holds Genetic Clues to Birthweight and Adult BMI

Predictive gene expression model finds that some factors involved in lifelong metabolism are evident in utero.
Photo of a new born baby where the focus is on feet and toes. The umbilical cord is there with surgical scissors attached. The face of the baby is not in the photograph. Body color is pink and feet are slightly purple.

Sixty Seconds to a Healthier Start

State campaign urges adherence to latest standard of care on optimal umbilical cord clamping.
Close-up portrait of beautiful smiling disabled child in the arms of mother.

Comprehensive, Early Intervention for Cerebral Palsy

Clinicians from multiple specialties coalesce to identify and provide interventions for a heterogeneous population of affected children.