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Child getting flu shot

Flu Risk Significant in Children with Solid Organ Transplants

Large multicenter study quantifies the flu season challenge to young transplant recipients.
Baby in NICU

Early Fluid Management Means Safer Pediatric ECMO

Preventing severe fluid overload with early kidney support therapy may improve mortality outcomes.
Child in wheelchair

Self-Catheterization Guidance Prepares Families for Important Milestone

Occupational therapists play a critical role in improved toileting independence in pediatric patients with neurogenic bladder.
Illustration of internal organs

How Chronic Kidney Disease Disrupts Multiple Systems

By distributing harmful metabolites, a disrupted intestinal lymphatic network could underlie CKD-related systemic disease.
Woman with cup of kidney stones

Breaking Apart Kidney Stone Options for Kids

With limited pediatric data available, children’s hospitals team up to compare surgery experiences.

Repurposed Diabetes Drug Shows Promise for Nephrotic Syndrome

In a case series, use of the diabetic medicine pioglitazone reduced proteinuria and increased serum albumin in pediatric patients.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Wilms Tumor Brings Several Benefits

A new study explores advances in neoadjuvant chemotherapy and minimally invasive surgery.

Transplant Team Examines Reluctance in Pediatric Organ Donation

Study launched to identify best consent practices for improving organ availability.

Elevated Urinary ApoAI in Renal Disease

Levels are particularly high in proximal tubulopathies.