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Child cancer patient

Stronger Hearts for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Pediatric oncologists and cardiologists collaborate on reducing cardiotoxic effects of cancer treatment.

Management and Feeding Strategies in Tetralogy of Fallot

Latest studies in a series compare outcomes in babies with primary versus staged repair.
Doctor checking baby's heart

Risk High for Stroke in Pediatric CHD Patients

Higher risk for stroke among children and infants with congenital heart disease warrants heightened awareness.
Worried mom on phone

Single Ventricle Babies Face Critical First Year

Home monitoring is key to protecting single ventricle babies following stage 1 palliation.
NICU baby

Hypertension Gene Improves Odds in Congenital Heart Disease

A predisposition for adult hypertension is a single-factor indicator pointing to better surgical outcomes for babies with congenital heart disease.

Analysis Shows Patterns in Pediatric Functional Seizure Readmissions

Female gender, bullying and family instability often observed in affected children.

Mapping a Way to Fewer Post-Cardiac Transplant Biopsies

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging may offer a non-invasive alternative for assessing rejection.

Nuanced View of Steroid Treatment Emerges in Large Infant Heart Study

The research takes an economical approach that may encourage additional pediatric randomized controlled trials.

Niche Role for New Miniature VAD

Percutaneous Impella implantation introduced for eligible pediatric patients in select centers.