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Three-quarters of Physicians Brush Off Automated Advice

Physicians mostly ignored the evidence-based suggestions for their pediatric patients.
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Stoking Successful Heart Replacement in Adults with CHD

Vanderbilt transplant expert weighs in on how to set up CHD patients to survive and thrive after transplantation.
Child getting flu shot

Flu Risk Significant in Children with Solid Organ Transplants

Large multicenter study quantifies the flu season challenge to young transplant recipients.
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Wearables Support Research Into Rare Diseases

Young patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia have new ways to measure diabetes risk.
Kid having heart examined by doctor

Personalized Medicine for Congenital Heart Disease

Identifying the best individual approach for each child is the next step forward in treatment of CHD.
Child cancer patient

Stronger Hearts for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Pediatric oncologists and cardiologists collaborate on reducing cardiotoxic effects of cancer treatment.

Management and Feeding Strategies in Tetralogy of Fallot

Latest studies in a series compare outcomes in babies with primary versus staged repair.
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Risk High for Stroke in Pediatric CHD Patients

Higher risk for stroke among children and infants with congenital heart disease warrants heightened awareness.
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Single Ventricle Babies Face Critical First Year

Home monitoring is key to protecting single ventricle babies following stage 1 palliation.