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Drug repurposing concept: one blue pill plus one red pill equals one yellow pill

AI Accelerates Quest for Drug Repurposing

Pilot study tests ability of generative AI to prioritize drugs for potential repurposing in Alzheimer’s disease.
Illustration of seated healthcare provider viewing a stacked array of browser windows which together form an image of a man in a blue shirt, shorts and socks

Asynchronous eVisits Address Routine Patient Concerns

New program establishes eVisit protocol using asynchronous messaging that may address the concern or lead to a more in-depth telehealth or in-person appointment.
Senior man using telehealth at a dining room table holds up medication bottle to show the doctor

How Social Factors Contribute to Telehealth Success

Study sheds light on the influence of social determinants of health on effective telehealth sessions.
Concept -- lighted stairway with arrow at top

Pancreatic Patient Navigator Finds Shorter Routes to Treatment

Nurse-navigator efforts streamline testing, treatment and support beginning with the patient’s initial visit.
Nurse working on paper charts and EMR

Signals of Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Researchers are exploring how to mine EHRs for genetic and other data to develop better risk phenotypes for addiction.
Futuristic illustration of provider with lung x-Ray

Refined Tool Aids in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

The TREAT 2.0 model outperforms conventional models for lung cancer prediction.
Doctor interacting with electronic medical record during patient interview

‘Open’ Rates of EHR Files Exhibit Signs of Disparities

Medical professionals spend more time engaging with medical records of white patients.
Portrait of Dr. David Haynes at his desk

Focus on Patient Experience: a Metric and a Mission

Chief patient experience officer David Haynes cites customer service as an integral part of the hospital business model.
Senior Black woman sitting at a kitchen table teleconferencing with a doctor gestures to her chest

Research Finds Keys to an Excellent Video Visit

Studies provide insights into how to deliver optimal care to patients through the telehealth experience.